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Here’s some good information to help you know more about financing your home, and to assist you in your relocation to the Las Vegas Valley!

Rent vs. Buy Calculator the cost of renting with the cost of buying a home, when you consider taxes and equity growth.

What you can really afford based on the highest monthly payment you can afford, including taxes, fees, dues and insurance.

Cost of Living Comparison:

City Comparisons

This side-by-side overview of two cities compares economic factors such as cost of living, taxes, home cost, and insurance cost; and quality of life factors such as population, crime index, and weather. Of course, you have to factor in amenities, such as sunshine, friendly people, lots of entertainment, shopping, good schools, and proximity to other states for traveling. Well, Phoenix and its communities have that and more!

Financial Living Calculators: 
Mortgage calculations

Another Mortgage calculations tool Calculators for Mortgages
Payments on a fixed rate loan Calculate your monthly mortgage payments for a fixed rate loan.
Payments on an adjustable rate loan Calculate your monthly mortgage payments for an adjustable rate loan.
Payments on a balloon loan Discover your monthly payment amount for a balloon mortgage.
Savings from extra mortgage payments If you make extra payments each month, this calculator can tell you how much you can save in interest.
Advanced mortgage calculator For more sophistication add points, fees and prepaid interest days to the equation with this number cruncher.
Bankrate Mortgage Calculator
Use calculators to determine how much sooner you can become a home owner.

The mother of all mortgage calculators, includes many excellent finance articles:

When to refinance Here’s how to tell if you should refinance your mortgage.

The site includes calculators for nearly every imaginable purpose.

Credit Reports:

Debt & Credit What you need to know
Learn all about Credit Reporting and your FICO scores
For credit and fraud-prevention data, and information-based solutions, these 3 credit-reporting agencies: Equifax – Experian – Trans Union

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